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Incredible realism and ease of use is what makes Wayne Cooper’s Flex Eye system so popular with Taxidermists. Flex Eyes come with an eyelid capsule and flexible foam backing for simple and accurate installation.

flex-blue/grn tealFlex Duck Eyes Blue/Green Wing TealBrown/Black Ring$6.50
flex-canada gooseFlex Eyes Canada GooseBrown/Black Ring$7.00
flex-canvasbackFlex Duck Eyes CanvasbackRed/Black Ring$6.50
flex-cin tealFlex Duck Eyes Cinnamon TealRed/Black Ring$6.50
flex-fronted/white gooseFlex Eyes Fronted and White Fronted GooseFronted: Brown/Red Ring White Fronted: Brown /Orange Ring$7.00
flex-gooseFlex Goose EyesBrown/Black Ring$7.00
flex-h merganserFlex Duck Eyes Hooded MerganserYellow/Black Ring$6.50
flex-mallardFlex Duck Eyes MallardBrown/Black Ring$6.50
flex-pheasantFlex Bird Eyes PheasantOrange /Red Ring$6.50
flex-quailFlex Bird Eyes QuailBrown/Black Ring$6.50
flex-redhead, goldeneyeFlex Duck Eyes, Redhead, GoldenEyeYellow/Black Ring$6.50
flex-scaupFlex Duck Eyes ScaupYellow/Black Ring$6.50
flex-turkeyFlex Turkey EyesBrown/ Light Blue Ring$7.50
flex-wood duck FFlex Duck Eyes, Wood Duck, FemaleBrown/Yellow Ring$6.50
flex-wood duck MFlex Duck Eyes, Wood Duck, MaleBrown/ Red Ring$6.50
flex- pintailFlex Bird Eyes PintailBrown/Black Ring$6.50
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