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Bird heads by Lone Star Taxidermy

201-snow/blueSnow Blue Goose#201 Snow/Blue Goose Reproduction Head$15.00
202- snow blue open mouthSnow Blue Goose Open Mouth#202 Snow Blue Goose Open Reproduction head$15.00
203-specklebellySpecklebelly Goose#203 Artifical Goose Head, SpeckleBelly$15.00
204-large canadaLarge Canada Goose#204 Large Canada Goose Reproduction Head$15.00
205- cacklingCackling Canada Goose#205 Cackling Canada Goose Reproduction Head$15.00
206 ross goose maleRoss Goose Male#206 Ross Goose Male Reproduction Head$15.00
207-small lesserSmaller Lesser Canada#207 Smaller Lesser Canada Goose Reproduction Head$15.00
208- large rossLarge Ross Goose, Large Bumps#208 Large Ross Goose Reproduction Head$15.00
209- medium canadaMedium Canada Goose#209 Medium Canada Goose Reproduction Head$15.00
210- atlantic brantAtlantic Brant#210 Atlanitc Brant Goose Reproduction Head$15.00
211- swanSwan#210 Swan Reproduction Head$15.00
212- richardson'sRichardson's Canada#212 Richardson's Canada Goose Reproduction Head$15.00
213- medium/large canadaMedium/Large Canada Goose#213 Medium/large Canada$15.00
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