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BR-ABlack Bear Rugshell Form, 3" STR OM,OPEN MOUTH3.50$49.00
BR-BBlack Bear Rugshell Form, 4.5" STR OM,OPEN MOUTH4.50$49.00
BR-CBlack Bear Rugshell Form, 5" STR OM,OPEN MOUTH5.00$49.00
BR-DBlack Bear Rugshell Form, 5.5" STR OM,OPEN MOUTH5.50$49.00
CF-108Black Bear Rugshell Form,3-3/4OPEN MOUTH CLEARFIELD5.60$49.00
CF-109Black Bear Rugshell Form,4-1/2CLOSED MOUTH CLEARFIELD5.70$49.00
CF-110Black Bear Rugshell Form,5" CMCLOSED MOUTH CLEARFIELD5.80$49.00
CF-111Black Bear Rugshell Form,5-3/4 CMCLOSED MOUTH CLEARFIELD5.90$49.00
CF-120Bobcat Rugshell Form 1.5 OMOPEN MOUTH CLEARFIELD1.50$35.00
CF-116Bobcat Rugshell Form 1.75" OMOPEN MOUTH CLEARFIELD1.75$35.00
CF-135Bobcat Rugshell Form 2" OMOPEN MOUTH CLEARFIELD2.00$35.00
CF-125Coyote Rugshell 3.5" OMOPEN MOUTH CLEARFIELD3.50$35.00
CF-137Coyote Rugshell 3.75" OMOPEN MOUTH CLEARFIELD3.75$35.00
CF-140Grey Fox Rugshell, 2-1/4"OPEN MOUTH CLEARFIELD2.25$35.00
CF-142Grizzly Bear Rugshell Form, 5-1/2" OMOPEN MOUTH CLEARFIELD5.50$40.00
CF-122Mountain Lion Rugshell, 2-1/2" OMOPEN MOUTH CLEARFIELD2.50$35.00
CF-113Mountain Lion Rugshell, 2-3/4 OMOPEN MOUTH CLEARFIELD2.75$35.00
CF-114Mountain Lion Rugshell, 3" OMOPEN MOUTH CLEARFIELD3.00$35.00
CF-123Mountain Lion Rugshell, 3-1/4" OMOPEN MOUTH CLEARFIELD3.25$35.00
CF-133Polar Bear Rugshell Form, 6-1/4" OM,OPEN MOUTH CLEARFIELD6.25$100.00
CF-112Polar Bear Rugshell Form, 6-1/2" OM,OPEN MOUTH CLEARFIELD6.50$100.00
CF-134Polar Bear Rugshell Form, 7-1/2" OM,OPEN MOUTH CLEARFIELD7.50$100.00
CF-126Red Fox Rugshell, 2-3/4 OMOPEN MOUTH CLEARFIELD2.75$35.00
CF-127Red Fox Rugshell, 2-3/4 CMCLOSED MOUTH CLEARFIELD2.75$35.00
CF-139Wolverine Rugshell, 2-1/4 OMOPEN MOUTH CLEARFIELD2.25$35.00
CF-143Wolverine Rugshell, 2-3/4 OMOPEN MOUTH CLEARFIELD2.75$35.00
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