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If you buy $250 worth of forms you get a 5% discount.

If you buy over $500 worth of forms you get 10% discount.

Where appropriate, each piece has a wooden plank set in before pouring for maximum stability of attachment, particularly in the Turkey Roost pieces.

BFF1Artificial Rock Rectangular Base with Rock LedgeRectagular base with rock ledge1012$11.00
BFF14Artificial Driftwood Rock Outcropping With LedgeRock outcropping with ledge917$17.00
BFF21Artificial Driftwood, Circular Water BaseCircular water base, perfect for your duck mount1015.5$14.50
BFF30Artificial Base, Circular Small Water BaseCircular small water base79$11.50
BFF4Artificial Driftwood Wall-Mount w BranchWall mount with branch919$18.00
BNO10ARTIFICIAL DRIFTWOODCan be used for a wall mount or base.819$16.00
BNO15ARTIFICIAL DRIFTWOODWall mount with an open knothole7.515$16.00
BNO20ARTIFICIAL DRIFTWOODCan be used for a wall mount or base.9.525$16.00
BNO4ARTIFICIAL DRIFTWOODCan be used for a wall mount or base.7.529.5$17.00
BR-99Artificial Base, FlatFlat and perfect for the Bobcat BC-212527.53$21.00
BRB1Artificial Base, Rock Ledge w/ Full BackboardRock ledge with full backboard, perfect for our Bobcat BC-201025$33.00
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