Do You Want to use “Base” or “Natural” Jawsets?
jawsets The differences are subtle, but very significant. The jawset on the left is the “natural” version, on the right the “base” version, from Mohr. Notice that the jawset on the right has gum tissue that is a clear consistent color throughout, whereas the gum tissue on the left shows subtle shading at the base of the teeth. Live gum tissue would be slightly rounded just below the tooth-line, causing a similar shaded appearance. Also take note of the discoloration of the teeth on the “natural” jawset. These teeth appear naturally stained and realistic. Looking closely at the teeth on the “base” jawset on the right, you’ll quickly notice that these teeth look fresh and new- not necessarily the realistic appearance you are looking for. However, YOU are an ARTIST and YOU can make the one on the right look just as good as the one on the left!


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Species: Raccoon
Size: M
Jaw Type: Jaw Base 

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Species: Raccoon
Size: M
Jaw Type: Jaw Painted 

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Species: Raccoon
Size: M
Jaw Type: Snarling Tongue 

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