Started in the 1920's, Dixieland Taxidermy Supply company is one of the oldest Taxidermy Supply Companies in the industry. In 1984 Willis Huston entered the story when he purchased Dixieland from George Kenneth Jones of Fairfield, Alabama.

Through the following years Dixieland grew with the addition of various product lines:


  • 1992: Spectrum Clay & Ceramics
  • 1994: Clearfield Taxidermy Supply Company
  • 1995: Harper Lee Taxidermy Supply Company
  • 1996 Happy Paulson Molds
  • 1996 Capps Fleshing Machine
  • 2000 Chandler's Taxidermy Supply Company


Each of these additions brought its own vitality and unique product offerings to Dixieland Taxidermy Supply Company, as did Willis Huston, himself. Over the years Willis has been Dixieland Taxidermy Supply to most folks. Whether on the telephone, or at a convention, Willis was always there to answer a question or to visit with you. But, as it will for all of us, time and health concerns finally convinced Willis to allow others a chance while he took a shot at 'partial' retirement.

And so, in 2006, Daryl Jonson bought the business and became part of the Dixieland Taxidermy Supply Company story when he brought Dixieland home to East Tennessee with him.




Featured Products

Pintail Drake
Reproduction Bird Head

Size: 5" x 7-1/2"
Species: Teal, Cinnamon, SM


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